UNCOMMONGARAGE was started in a garage, like all great companies.

It began when I had my late friend pick up a vinyl cutter and a box of vinyl rolls. That prompted the need to learn graphic design software and purchase a Surface Pro. With my background in CAD programs and hand-drawn art it was an easy transition to designing original designs. There's nothing like a personal touch to your already unique vehicle.

Something about under-appreciated vehicles attracts attention. Cars like the Chevy SSR, Subaru XT6, Honda Del Sol, etc. will always grab the attention of petrol-heads despite their marketing failures and mediocre performance (except you K-swapped peeps, lol). As I have grown older, its only natural I would find myself purchasing a Samba Green Honda Del Sol, Garnet Red Subaru Baja, and riding some less-common motorcycles. And naturally, little details I have made make them even more unique and rare while exercising my artistic side.

We'd love to make your vision become reality. That is the true reason UNCOMMONGARAGE was opened. My tools and my ability are for sharing. So let's talk about how to make that happen.